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Now imagine that as you breathe in, your breath is coming into your body directly through this spot in the center of your chest, and that as you breathe out, your breath is going out directly through this spot, so it is as though you are breathing in and breathing out directly through your heart. ~ Jim Giorgi
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"Here then is a definitive statement of the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido coming directly from one of its most knowledgeable practitioners. I know that it will be an essential resource not only for students of NGA but also for martial artists of any style anywhere in the world."
Sensei Robert B. MacEwen, Jr.

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"Living an integral life means “getting it together” and being “together” rather than being and feeling fragmented. It means thinking, feeling and acting always out of the certainty of your wholeness and never acting out of a sense of disconnection or lack."

Sensei Jim Giorgi

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