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We who have committed to a spiritual path are the lucky ones who have opened our consciousness to admit and acknowledge that we are more than skin and bones, more than a separate entity among billions of separate entities and objects. Why are people held back by fear of the most miraculous transformation possible? ~ Jim Giorgi
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"Here then is a definitive statement of the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido coming directly from one of its most knowledgeable practitioners. I know that it will be an essential resource not only for students of NGA but also for martial artists of any style anywhere in the world."
Sensei Robert B. MacEwen, Jr.

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"Living an integral life means “getting it together” and being “together” rather than being and feeling fragmented. It means thinking, feeling and acting always out of the certainty of your wholeness and never acting out of a sense of disconnection or lack."

Sensei Jim Giorgi

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The Integrative Transformational Pathways

Integrative Transformational Pathways

Tools For Transformation

T)he Divine is in his essence infinite and his manifestation too is multitudinously infinite. If that is so, it is not likely that our true integral perfection in being and in nature can come by one kind of realisation alone; it must combine many different strands of divine experience. It cannot be reached by the exclusive pursuit of a single line of identity till that is raised to its absolute; it must harmonise many aspects of the Infinite. An integral consciousness with a multiform dynamic experience is essential for the complete transformation of our nature. — Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, 1914, p. 114

Integrative Transformational Pathways

4 Core Dimensions

Body - Mind - Emotions - Spirit 

(Physical, Subtle, Causal)

Any Sport or Athletic Activity (Walking, Running, Biking, Swimming, Aerobics

Weight Lifting, etc.)


Tibetan Five Rites


Martial Arts

Tai Chi, Qi Gong


Feldenkraisor Alexander Technique




Reiki and other Energy Therapies

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Healthful Diet and Nutrition

(Health promoting dietary practices)

Personal Ecology (reduce use of toxic products

(Meditation, Prayer)

ABC of Mindfulness Meditation

Zen Meditation

Mindfulness Practice

Formal or Informal Prayer

Contemplative Prayer

Transcendental Meditation

Concentrative (Samatha) Meditation

Insight (Vipassana) Meditation

A Course in Miracles

Devotional Chanting

Shamanic Practices

Formal Religion


Open Focus

Big Mind Process

Guided Meditation CDs & DVDs

Service, acts of compassion                         



Mind (Worldview)

Reading and Study(Philosophy, Psychology, Religious and Spiritual Traditions)

Integral Theory of Ken Wilber (AQAL)

Formal Classes

Adopting a Belief System (Religious, Philosophical)

Mental Training (improving mental faculties)

Adopting any Expanded Worldview or Meaning system



Shadow (Emotions)

Psychotherapy (Verbal or Mind-Body)

Emotional Freedom Technique

Dream work

Active Imagination


Art or Music Therapy

3-2-1 Process


This list is suggestive and by no means exhaustive or exclusive.  It includes practices which are an integral part of my daily life (in bold type) and also those with which I have some familiarity from my years of study and practice.  You are encouraged to explore and experiment with any and every practice you encounter, here or from your own research, which resonates with your deepest self and generates enthusiasm and joy.

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