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The body does not give life to consciousness, consciousness gives life to the body. ~ Jim Giorgi
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"Here then is a definitive statement of the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido coming directly from one of its most knowledgeable practitioners. I know that it will be an essential resource not only for students of NGA but also for martial artists of any style anywhere in the world."
Sensei Robert B. MacEwen, Jr.

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"Living an integral life means “getting it together” and being “together” rather than being and feeling fragmented. It means thinking, feeling and acting always out of the certainty of your wholeness and never acting out of a sense of disconnection or lack."

Sensei Jim Giorgi

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Services and Fees

How May I Serve You?

With compassion, respect, enthusiasm, and the application of  Upaya (Sanskrit for "skillful means"), I commit myself to helping all who come to me to actualize the principle of  Right Action in Daily Living and transform their lives into an extraordinary adventure. Please make yourself at home here at BrightPathway, explore the site using the links below or at the left of each page, and feel free to Contact Me for more information. 

I will share with you my expertise and enthusiasm that will help you propel yourself to living your life with a healthy body, a peaceful mind, an open heart and a soaring spirit.

1-954-729-1220 Skype: brightpathway Contact me by e-mail, phone or Skype to start your journey today!

 Personal Consultation Services

o    Personal/Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

o    Life Coaching

o   Consultations for Parents

o    Spiritual Direction and Meditation Instruction

·Martial Arts Instruction

o    Aikido Instruction 

·Educational Services

o    Lectures and Seminars for Organizations, Educational Institutions, Martial Arts Schools

o    Corporate Trainings


Please contact me to discuss how I may best serve you, and again, thank you for visiting my website. May you find all you seek to live a life of Great Joy, Great Peace, and Great Fulfillment.



Fees Schedule

Counseling, Parent Child Consultation, Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction  A 50-minute individual session, in person or via telephone or Skype (client is responsible for any telephone long distance charges) $100.00 per hour
Lectures and Seminars
Fees are based on the length of program, number of participants and travel expenses.

$500 per day or per arrangement

Corporate and Organizational Trainings

Fees are based on the length of program, number of participants and travel expenses.

$700 per day or per arrangement

Making Payments

Payments may be made by personal or business check, money order, cash, or online via PayPal. We are not equipped to accept credit card payments in the office at this time. If there are circumstances involving financial hardship, please discuss your situation with us, as we can make adjustments to our fees and/or arrange a deferred payment plan that may better suit your budgetary requirements.

Contact me for an appointment or for more information.